i want to draw nano and lalna as China and Russia but also minty, sips and sjin as Hungary, Prussia, and Austria oo but what about Lewis as Spain and Simon as Prussia and Duncan as France BUT WAIT rythian as England and Lalna as France HEY what about Lomadia as Belarus and Zoey as Ukraine and you know well shit did i just create yogtalia/hetacast??? IS THAT A THING???????? DAMM


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themooshroomprincess answered:

"It- … It’s okay" Her words fumbled as she tried her best to not break down crying. That was the biggest lie she ever told, nothing was okay and it wasn’t going to be, she had lost Rythi and Garn to Ridge and Tee to the End, there was nothing left. Rythian was right in front of her but it wasn’t him, those purple eyes no longer shined instead replaced by dull gold ones. She walked closer to the mage, watching the sword that Ridge had gave him. "Hey … come on, look at me" She could feel the tears at the corner of her eyes. Carefully, she cupped the mage’s cheeks. "I’m sorry I’m not as strong as you, I’m sorry that I can’t save you and most importantly, no matter what happens please remember I love you, … I love you more then anything" A kiss longer then normal was the last thing that she felt before the sword plunged into her stomach. "Goodbye Rythian" the words faded away near the end before the girl’s body dropped to the floor.